Friday, January 27, 2012

Uggie the famous acting Dog was sent to the pound!

Uggie the terrier dog ends up in the Dog Pound, twice!

Uggie the 10 year old dog who is now a Hollywood star was rejected by two previous owners because they said he was uncontrollable.

His life changed for the better when dog trainer Omar fell in love with his cheeky grin and took him home.

Uggie the actor

Uggie was trained by his new owner so well that the dog became an acting star in TV and movies. 

Always knew it was the owners of dogs that create their behaviour not the dog themselves

TV Drama Water for Elephants.

Uggie became a household name when he starred in the TV Drama Water for Elephants. 

Movie The Artist

Now he is the canine star of the new movie, The Artist.

The dog won his first trophy at the Cannes Film Festival for his role in the film.

He received the Palm Dog trophy for Best Performance by a Canine.

Congratulations Uggie!

You can follow this famous acting dog Uggie on his own Twitter page at Uggie_TheArtist.

Uggie is retiring

His owner has said that he has decided to retire Uggie! from full time acting because the dog now deserves a rest.  

But he will be doing some more acting work when he, the dog that is feeling bored.  

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