Monday, March 20, 2017

A sad dog story that ends in a happy life for two disabled dogs; Eve and Dillon

Two dogs who found each other and became great friends

Eve was found abandoned on Christmas Eve when she was a nine week old puppy. 

She was in a bad way as it had been snowing hard. 
She was freezing to death. She did recover but is deaf and only has one working eye. 
She ended up at the Marley's Mutts Dogs Shelter. 

She is eleven months old but found it hard to socialise with the other dogs due to her loss of hearing and limited sight.

But when another disabled dog was also handed in to the Dog Shelter life became so much better for Eve

Dillon is two years old. He is blind and his owner put him in boarding kennels but did not come back to retrieve him. Dillon was then passed on to the shelter a few weeks ago.
When the dogs met they formed a bond instantly.
They use each others available senses to get around and have both grown in confidence. They became inseparable very quickly.

The staff at the dog shelter were hoping the dogs could be adopted together.
They were not optimistic though because both are cross breeds and large dogs.
Then there were the disabilities to consider too.

They have a Facebook Page where they have photos and the stories of each dog that is available for adoption. Eve had already been on the Facebook Page for a while and a potential new owner had come to visit the shelter to see her. When she saw how the two dogs were together and the love they had for each other she did not have the heart to separate them.

So now both Eve and Dillon have found a loving home and an eleven year old pal too

Both these dogs had a very sad and cruel start in life.
But they found each other just in time to become part of a family

Eve and Dillon happy in their new home together  

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