Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Here is a great story about an English Bull Terrier called Nellie.

Nellie the English Bull Terrier who digs up truffles in her back garden.

Nellie the English Bull Terrier is owned by a couple in the UK and has been digging up their garden since 2007.

The owners were at first annoyed until they realized what she was looking for.

She was finding and digging up truffles. 

Black Autumn Truffles to be precise lol.

It is great to hear a nice story about this breed of dog.

English Bull Terriers make wonderful pets.

My belief is that if you treat your dogs with respect and kindness they will be loving and gentle pets.

Truffles are extremely hard to come by and almost unheard of in the UK.

The owners make around £1000 a year by selling the truffles and say it pays for some of the upkeep of their much loved family dog.

For the full story and some more wonderful photos of Nellie the English Bull Terrier with a nose for truffles click the news story link below.

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