Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Woman has her Dog Cloned

A Miniature Dashhound  is Cloned

A Cloned Dog

A British woman loves her 14 year old dog Winnie so much that she has had her cloned.  The procedure produced a puppy she called Mini Winnie.

Rebecca won a competition to have the procedure done in Korea.  It would normally cost around €80,000.

The puppy is now a healthy 2 year old dog.

A Cloned Dashhound

Not Illegal To Clone Pets

It is not illegal to clone pets in Britain or Ireland.  It is illegal to do the same to farm animals.

Simon Cowell and his Dogs

Simon Cowell and his Dogs

Simon Cowell is besotted with his two rescue dogs, Squiddly and Diddy.  They are Yorkshire Terriers and he has said he would like to have them cloned when they get older. 

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