Monday, May 1, 2017

Two Dogs fall off a cliff and survive!

Here is a good news story about two dogs who fell off a 70 foot cliff in Cornwall in the UK and got up running.

Bomber and Blitz were out have a good time with there owners on holiday in Cornwall.  
They had been walking on the cliffs at Porthleven and then Blitz decided he wanted a rest.  

The border collie sat down on the grass beside the edge of the cliff.  Bomber,  decided he still wanted to play.  So the Springer Spaniel ran up to Blitz too quickly and they both went flying over the edge of the cliff. 

Their owner said, 

'I had my back turned when it happened.
I was just about to take a picture and then I heard a load of commotion.
I turned round and could only look down, my heart was in my throat. We saw that Bomber jumped up straight away and ran off.Blitz stayed there for a couple of seconds and then got up. 'We found a little path down to where they were, I couldn’t believe what had happened.'
Bomber and Blitz

The dogs were taken straight to the vet but both were fine.  They had a very luck escape.  

I often see dogs out with their owners who are too close to  the edge of cliffs and mountains.  

But luckily for these two family dogs, Bomber and Blitz both survived their fall with no injuries accept shock.

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